January 24, 2024

Conservative Tim Smith Calls on Congress to Impeach Secretary Mayorkas

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 24th, 2023

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Tim Smith, Republican candidate for Indiana’s 3rd District, is calling on Congress to hold the Biden administration accountable by impeaching Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for failing to keep the border secure and uphold his duty to the American people.

“Joe Biden's failed policies have created the worst crisis our southern border has ever seen, and Secretary Mayorkas is directly responsible for the implementation of these failures,” Smith stated. “Mayorkas neglected his duty to keep America safe and has left our nation vulnerable to the drugs, crime, and individuals on the terror watchlist that are flooding into our country at record numbers. Secretary Mayorkas helped orchestrate the disaster at our border. He must be impeached by Congress.”

Smith becomes the first candidate in the race for Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District to publicly call for Mayorkas’ impeachment, leading the field in the fight to secure our border and hold the Biden administration accountable for their failures. Smith was also the first candidate in the race to endorse President Trump’s campaign in September.

“I am the only conservative fighter in the race for Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District,” Smith said. “I will stand up to the failed Biden agenda and fight on behalf of Hoosiers to reduce government spending, create an economy that is prosperous for working-class Hoosiers, and keep our nation safe by securing the southern border.”

Smith launched his campaign in July, pledging to end the wokeness that has infiltrated our nation and fight to expand the freedoms of Hoosiers. 


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