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Northeast Indiana deserves a fighter in the House

Tim Smith
February 4, 2024 | Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
Since declaring my candidacy for Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District back in July, I have spoken with thousands of voters throughout northeast Indiana. The No. 1 concern I hear: President Joe Biden’s open border policies threaten our nation’s safety and security.

The Secretary of Homeland Security’s job is to keep our nation safe. Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has neglected this duty by leaving our nation vulnerable to drugs, crime and individuals on the terror watchlist flooding our country at record numbers.

Mayorkas helped orchestrate the disaster at our border by implementing the Biden administration’s failed border policies. He must be impeached by Congress.

Mayorkas has left our nation vulnerable to the flow of drugs like fentanyl that have led to an increase in overdose deaths. Last year alone, more than 2,000 Hoosiers tragically died of drug overdose.

Fentanyl is coming from China and being smuggled through our open southern border. Border security is our best weapon against drugs flowing across our southern border.

Mayorkas has allowed for a startling increase in individuals on the terror watchlist entering our country. Our adversaries in the Mideast and China see our open border as a vulnerability. Border security is national security.

And Mayorkas has allowed our immigration process to be abused, creating a record-setting influx of illegal migrants that our nation cannot handle. Just last month, students were kicked out of a high school in New York City to house a handful of the thousands of illegal migrants who have strained the city’s resources.

Since Biden took office, more than 2.3 million migrants have been caught at the border and released into our country – many without proper screening.

Ending the Biden administration’s catch-and-release policies is one of our best weapons to stop incentivizing illegal immigration.

Rep. Jim Banks and Republicans in the House have already taken action to secure our border, fix our asylum process and end this crisis.

The Biden administration’s failure to act on these solutions shows a blatant neglect of its constitutional duties.

We cannot allow Democrats in the White House and Congress to continue failing our nation by putting America last. America must be first. It is time for Congress to take up articles of impeachment against Mayorkas and send a clear message to the White House: the American people will not stand for open borders.

Just as I was the first candidate in the race to endorse former President Donald Trump, I am also the first candidate calling for Mayorkas to be impeached. I believe Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District deserves to have a conservative fighter as its next representative – a leader of purpose who will take the fight to the D.C. swamp.

If elected, I’ll fight to put America first by securing our border and working to actually implement the immigration laws already on the books. I will support reinstating the Trump administration’s successful Remain-in-Mexico policy, ensuring that those applying for asylum are not allowed a free pass into our nation with court dates years down the road.

I will fight tirelessly to hold the Biden administration accountable for failing the American people.

Indiana’s 3rd District needs a conservative businessman not beholden to the special interests of Washington and interested only in fighting for the American people.

I am that leader.

Tim Smith is a businessman and Republican candidate for Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District.
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