Tim Smith for Congress

 End Wokeness. Expand Freedom.

Tim Smith for Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District
“The Far Left’s radical, socialist agenda is making it harder for Indiana families, ag producers, and job creators to get by. I’m running for Congress to end wokeness and expand freedom. I will cut government spending, secure our southern border, and defend our Hoosier values.”


Regarding the state of our nation, one thing has become abundantly clear: the policies coming from Joe Biden and the Far Left are hurting our families, farms, and businesses every single day. They’re tearing apart the fabric of our country, undermining timeless American principles, damaging our economy, and attacking our way of life.  

Today, the future is less secure for our families and our children. Washington’s out-of-control, socialist spending has made gas and groceries unaffordable. Our southern border is in crisis, with illegal immigrants and fentanyl turning every community in America into a border town. And our Hoosier values are constantly under attack from Washington, Hollywood, and the mainstream media. 

America is at a tipping point. If we don’t change course now, we will watch our kids and grandkids grow up in a nation that is weaker, less prosperous, less God-fearing, and less free. We cannot continue on this path of decline. That’s why I’m running for Congress—to end wokeness and expand freedom.  

This is a fight we have to win, and I’m ready to fight for you in Congress. I don’t owe anybody anything. And I definitely don’t owe the Washington establishment my vote. I’ve been a family man, a businessman, and a community leader for more than two decades. I will only answer to you. 

I’d be honored to earn your support as I work to bring some Christian, conservative, Hoosier common sense to Washington. The fight starts right here, in Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District. I hope you’ll join me. 


TIM SMITH: Ready to Fight

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