End Wokeness.

Wokeness is an attack on truth, decency, and common sense. The Woke Left wants us to judge people on the color of their skin, not the content of their character. They want to allow men to play in women’s sports and use women’s restrooms and locker rooms. They want confused kids to undergo unnecessary, irreversible medical treatments. And worst of all, they want to push their twisted ideologies of race, gender, and sexuality on all our kids—even in our schools.
I’ll fight to end wokeness at every turn. I’ll start with basic truths: Men are men; women are women. Whatever someone’s skin color, we’re all God’s children, and we should all be judged on our merits alone. It is unfair for biological males to compete in women’s sports, and I will fight attempts by biological males to steal opportunities and scholarships from young women. I will work to ban irreversible hormone treatment and gender reassignment surgeries for confused kids. The Far Left can try to cancel me—I don’t care.

Put Parents Back in Charge.

Parents, not progressives in Washington D.C., are the ultimate authority on their children’s education and upbringing. In Congress, I’ll fight for parental rights in education and oppose the Woke Left’s attempts to indoctrinate our children in the classroom. Education nearest the people (local control) is best. I believe the country would be better off without the U.S. Department of Education, and I’m proud of what Indiana has accomplished with school vouchers.

Stop Federal Overspending, Waste, Fraud, and Abuse.

Washington’s spending spree is out of control. Democrats’ reckless fiscal policies have led to rising prices across the board for Indiana families. In Congress, I’ll be a leader in the fight to cut government spending and stop your tax dollars from being wasted. Indiana businesses and families can’t get by spending more money than they bring in — Washington should work the same way. I’ll always treat your tax dollars like I treat my own, and hold the federal government to the same standard.

Secure Our Borders.

A nation without secure borders isn’t a nation at all. The Biden administration’s management of the southern border has been a disaster. Today, the federal government is rolling out the red carpet for illegal immigrants and failing to stop the fentanyl pouring across our border. I’ll oppose these failed border policies and work to secure our southern border by enforcing our immigration laws and completing the border wall. We want the best and brightest to legally come to America in pursuit of opportunity, but first, our borders must be secure. America should be, as it’s always been, a country that welcomes the "tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” But we must do so legally and begin by building a strong border wall.

Defund the IRS.

In recent years, we’ve seen the IRS, like other federal law enforcement agencies, weaponized against conservatives. Now, Joe Biden is hiring an army of 87,000 new IRS agents to come after hardworking Indiana families and small business owners. Enough is enough—it’s time to defund the IRS and move to a tax system that works for Hoosiers, not against us.

Protect Life.

As a father of 5 and grandfather of 17, “pro-life” is not just a slogan for me — it is a way of life. The Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, which returned to legislators the power to restrict abortion, was a remarkable victory, but the work should not stop there. In my time in the non-profit sector, I have seen the need for communities to support struggling moms and women who have unplanned pregnancies. We can do more. It’s time we create a stronger culture of life that values the dignity of all God’s children. Being pro-life is more than abortion; I will fight for life in all regards.

Stand up to China.

China is our nation’s greatest foreign adversary, and our economy is far too reliant on them. It’s time to bring manufacturing back to the United States and end our reliance on Chinese supply chains. Additionally, the Chinese Communist Party has access to too much American data and technological infrastructure, using it to spy on our military, our communities, and our citizens. I’ll take practical steps to fight these intrusions, like working to ban TikTok, shoring up our data security, and supporting a strong national defense against all foreign threats. We can no longer allow China to buy land adjacent to our military sites and universities, infiltrate our colleges and universities with pro-China professors, and manipulate our currency. I will fight to end China’s intrusions and risks to American safety, opportunity, and freedom.

Back the Blue.

Law enforcement plays a crucial role in keeping our communities safe. Unfortunately, they are under attack from radical Democrats who want to defund the police, end cash bail, and push their pro-crime policies on our cities and towns. I will always Back the Blue and stand up against all measures that defund law enforcement. I’ll work to provide additional resources for local law enforcement to recruit more officers, upgrade equipment, and provide enhanced training to keep our families safe from crime.

Stop Federal Overreach.

The Biden administration is out of control, working to seize more power in nearly every aspect of our lives. From the unconstitutional Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) Rule to his unconstitutional plan to cancel student loan debt, Joe Biden has shown that he has no problem bypassing Congress to enact his radical agenda. I will support policies that check unelected bureaucrats and return power to the people.

Protect Hoosier Values.

Washington continues to trample on our Hoosier values. My dad was a farmer and preacher, and my parents raised me to understand the importance of working hard, respecting others, doing the right thing, and living out my faith. In Congress, I’ll defend our religious liberties, support pro-family policies, and work to protect our Hoosier way of life. I will always support legislation that puts decision-making power back in the hands of individuals and families, not in the hands of the federal government.

Support Our Military.

As we face worsening threats from foreign adversaries, I strongly believe that America must continue to be the beacon of freedom and prosperity for other countries around the world. I will fully fund our military and support increased pay for service members to ensure we are effectively recruiting and retaining our nation’s best and brightest. The only litmus test dictating who gets in the military and who gets promoted must be merit alone. I will vote to eliminate all other, non-merit-based tests. America’s military must be a pure meritocracy, plain and simple. I will always fight to keep our commitments to America’s servicemembers, veterans, and military families.

Defend Our Gun Rights.

As an avid gun owner, hunter, and outdoorsman, I know the right to keep and bear arms is vital to defending all our other liberties. I will always support the 2nd Amendment, and I will vote against any piece of legislation that violates Hoosiers’ constitutional rights.

Support Our Farmers.

I was raised in an extended agricultural family. Though my dad eventually moved from farming to being a full-time pastor, all the Smith family understands the importance of farming. I believe farmers are the backbone not just of Northeast Indiana, but of our entire nation. Indiana farmers know how to best care for their land and feed the world. I’ll always support pro-ag, pro-fair-trade policies that help bring prosperity to all types of Indiana farms. I’ll also work to get government out of ag producers’ way. Farmers cannot afford burdensome tariffs, excessive regulations, and energy restrictions that increase operational costs. I’ll fight to keep Washington bureaucrats from making decisions about what farmers do and do not do with their private property. After all, the farmers and their families (in some cases for generations) worked hard to pay for their land—it’s theirs, not the government’s—and only the farmers should decide what they do with their land.
Read Tim Smith's Ag Plan

Crypto and Web3

Blockchain is an unchangeable digital platform (or record of transactions) that fosters trust, transparency, and accountability by allowing parties from around the world to digitally record and transact contracts, currency, applications, and more.

Blockchain is important because it:
- Provides an independent, stable, and public digital platform
- Allows players other than big tech to operate freely and independently
- Cannot be manipulated like some traditional online digital sources.

Web1 allowed us to read and digest content by converting libraries to digital records on the internet. Web2 allowed us to create and share information, for example, streaming video. Web3 empowers users to experience information however they choose. Web3 is more customizable, putting users in control of the information they’re consuming. It does not rely on a website or an app to form an experience or transact a purchase, it is accessible to low-tech users, and it will incorporate other, yet-to-be-developed tech-centric tools into our lives.

Crypto, or digital currencies, are important because they facilitate the free market without government involvement. Crypto is a more efficient currency than traditional currencies. They allow ordinary people to trade value without bureaucratic involvement. Crypto, in some respects, merely reinstitutes the old-fashioned barter system where free and independent actors can exchange goods and services as valued by the exchanging parties.

We can expand freedom by limiting government involvement. Crypto and Web3 — built upon a blockchain foundation — expand freedom. Our policies should support these developments.
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